Is it time for your company to create real impact in the world? 
After close to two decades of building my 'impact-film' production company (Hemmings House Pictures) to what it is today, I have come to realize that as an entrepreneurs and filmmakers, we have not only been able to produce highly engaging films for the global television market, we have also been able to produce positive change in our community and the world. 

I want to share my stories, challenges, wins, tips and tricks in building an impact film company with you as a subscriber to the Filmpreneur email newsletter. It's my contribution to helping build a sustainable media industry in the age of the 'Story Wars' that produces stories that inspire positive change. Shine on Filmpreneurs!
Next up! Each year I take a group to an exotic location to teach filmmaking, video production, and media business strategy. But not only that, my brother Mark Hemmings co-teaches these workshops, and he helps each person with photography and social media strategies such as personal and corporate branding, social media video editing and repurposing, plus good ol' travel photography!

Please watch the video that we shot in two days on our most recent Greece Filmpreneur adventure, called "To Modelo" which can be translated as "The Model". An please consider joining us on the upcoming Crete, Greece Filmpreneur Photo and Filmmaking workshop! Here is a direct link to the official sign-up page with more information:
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